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Our dedicated and passionate team are what make the Xpress Super service so special.

Photograph of Client Manager, Karl Rayner

Karl Rayner

Senior Client Manager and Interim Business Manager

Illustration of Karl Rayner, Client Manager

As a mechanic-turned-accountant, I’ve heard that these two careers couldn’t be more different. On the surface that may be true, but once you open the bonnet there is an array of overlapping similarities. During my time on the tools, I was always excited by the way the different components worked together, like tax and superannuation legislation, or uncovering an electrical gremlin, like finding that golden strategy for each client.

I have bolstered my SMSF knowledge by completing the Chartered Accountant’s Program (CA) and attaining the SMSF Specialist Adviser (SSA) designation from the SMSF Association and continue to seek out new insights and knowledge each day. I believe that education, at every level, is where SMSF trustees can gain the greatest benefit. Trustees can learn to work smarter today, to provide a more financially viable future in retirement.