SMSF Investment Options

One of the main benefits of running your own SMSF is the ability
to choose from a range of investments to help build your
retirement fund.

As an SMSF Trustee, enjoy access to a great range of investment options under the Xpress Super offering.

Australian Cash Account

An SMSF must have a cash account to receive any deposits and pay any expenses.

Xpress Super utilise Macquarie Bank as the cash account provider for our clients through their Cash Management Account. All cash activity within the SMSF should be directed via this sole cash account or additional fees apply.

As part of the establishment or transfer to Xpress Super, we can facilitate the bank account establishment.

We pride ourselves on providing a paperless service and due to the data feeds we receive from our product providers, you are not required to forward any bank statements to us when using the Macquarie Cash Management Account.

Xpress Super holds no transactional authority over the cash account for your SMSF other than direct debit authority for our annual fees. Our direct debit authority form will be provided to you during the establishment or transfer process.

Australian Securities/ETFs (CHESS Sponsored)

Xpress Super allows SelfWealth and Macquarie Online Trading as the share brokers for our clients.

Both platforms provide a data feed into our software which means our auditors have a higher level of assurance over these accounts than what typically would have been provided. Because of this, it reduces the need for you to provide us with documentation and statements for the share trading account activity.

As part of the establishment or transfer to Xpress Super, we can facilitate the share trading account establishment.

Australian Term Deposit

Clients of Xpress Super are welcome to invest in Term Deposits with Australian Money Market.

Australian Money Market boasts centralised access to interest rates offered by more than 20 Australian banks, building societies and credit unions – all of which are Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions covered by the Australian Government Guarantee Scheme up to $250,000 per entity and institution.

From your instruction, funds will move directly between banks via the Australian Money Market portal and will always remain in the SMSF account name.

As part of the establishment or transfer to Xpress Super, we can facilitate the investment account establishment.

Australian Property (Commercial or Residential, with or without a loan)

Property is quickly becoming a popular investment for SMSF Trustees and one which is permitted on the Xpress Super service regardless of if you will be engaging a lender or not.

If you are looking to borrow to fund the property purchase, we suggest you discuss this with a lender or mortgage broker directly.

We can establish and administer the associated entities to support a loan arrangement, and recommend you check out our fact sheet on this here.


Precious Metals

Xpress Super doesn’t work with any specific provider for precious metal investments, but we do ask that certain documentation be provided come audit time.

For further information on the process and what information is needed to satisfy the auditor please check out our fact sheet.

The types of precious metal permitted under the Xpress Super service are:

If you are looking to invest in an asset class this isn’t listed above, please get in touch with us on 1300 216 890 or at

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