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In a very competitive space, we are often asked Why Xpress Super? We’ll tell you why!

Customer Service

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Customer service is a core focus for the team at Xpress Super, evidenced by our passion and desire to support trustees.

Don’t take our word or it – check out what our clients say here. We are proud to continually receive 5-star product reviews.

Competitive Fees, No Commissions!

Your best interest at heart, always.

We are proud to be an affordable, full solution, SMSF administrator that doesn’t accept trails and commissions, unlike some of our competitors. What does this mean? It means the fees you see on our fees page are the only fees we will receive for administering your SMSF. We don’t receive kick backs on cash held in the fund bank account or any investments placed.

Annual Financial Statements and Tax Return

Independent Audit

Compliance Monitoring

Premium Online Dashboard

Providing you with the information you need, when you need it.

  • Providing you confidence backed by the best technology.
  • By optimising data automation our reports are updated daily, providing you with the latest information to make informed decisions for your SMSF. Have you ever wanted to check in on your contribution limits, pension drawdowns or investment performance? Well, good news! Our reports cover these 3 common enquiries, and a whole lot more!

The below can and should be at every Trustees fingertips:

Xpress Super Up to Date Super Balances Icon

Up-to-date super balances

Know where you are, day in and day out, with our member balances report.

Xpress Super Year to date Icon

The year-to-date performance of SMSF investments

Track your whole portfolio or drill down to individual investment performance.

Xpress Super income reports Icon

income reports

View investment income for individual investments and the associated tax impact.

Xpress Super Contribution Monitoring Icon

Contribution limits

Check contribution limits and allocations to maximise your year-end tax plans.

Xpress Super Pension Payments Icon

Details on pension payments

See pension payment minimum and maximum limits to keep track of your payment requirements.

Xpress Super Investments Allocation

Investment allocation and much more

Review investment asset allocations and how they stack up to your documented investment strategy.

Looking to see how your fund is performing? Our reports have you covered!

Looking to confirm contributions? Our reports have you covered!

Not sure where you are at with pension drawdowns? Our reports have you covered!

Investment Options

You control where you invest!

  • One of the main benefits of running your own SMSF is the ability to choose from a range of investments to help build your retirement fund. With an SMSF administered by Xpress Super, you have access to a great range of investments and platforms. Whilst the products are not mandatory they do allows us to provide an efficient and low cost SMSF solution. 

  • Xpress Super clients enjoy an affordable SMSF administration service simply by using our embedded providers and limiting their investments to:

An SMSF must have a cash account in order to receive any deposits and pay any expenses.

Xpress Super utilise Macquarie Bank as the cash account provider for our clients.

Xpress Super utilises SelfWealth and Macquarie Trading as the broker for our clients.

Clients of Xpress Super are welcome to invest in Term Deposits.

We have partnered with Australian Money Market as our Term Deposit provider.

Property is quickly becoming a popular investment for SMSF Trustees and one which is permitted on the Xpress Super service.

International listed investments are permitted under the Xpress Super service where they are held through a SelfWealth trading account.

There are 2 ways a fund can hold precious metal in their SMSF under the Xpress Super platform. 

Unlisted Managed Funds with an APIR code are permitted under the Xpress Super service.

Xpress Super works with Plenti as the Peer-to-Peer Lending provider.

Managing your SMSF within these investment and platform restrictions allows Xpress Super to maintain a high level of efficiency and data automation which is key to our low-cost service. To further understand the fees around these investments and specific product providers please reach out to us on 1300 216 890.

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