SMSF Investment Options

One of the main benefits of running your own SMSF is the ability to choose from a range of investments to help build your retirement fund. As an SMSF trustee, enjoy access to a great range of investment options.

SMSF Investment Options | Xpress Super.

Shares Trading and Listed Securities | Xpress Super

SMSF Cash Hub

An SMSF must have a cash account in order to receive any deposits and pay any expenses.

Xpress Super has embedded the CBA Accelerator cash account into our business model. All cash activity within the SMSF should be directed via this sole cash account or additional fees apply.

As part of the establishment or transfer to Xpress Super we will prepare all the necessary paperwork to establish the CBA Accelerator Cash account for you.

Xpress Super pride ourselves on being a paperless office and due to the data feeds we receive from CBA into our software, you are not required to forward any bank statements from us.

Our auditor relies on the data feeds we receive from our service providers.

Xpress Super holds no access over the cash account for your SMSF.

Listed Securities/ETFs (CHESS Sponsored)

Trade with the Broker of your choice!

Whilst we have partnered with CommSec as our Broker of choice you are welcome to utilise another Broker providing they issue a data feed into Class Super – our SMSF software.

Xpress Super service relies on data automation so only state-of-the-art share trading platforms can be utilised to achieve daily online reporting.  We can work with your existing broker, or select from some of Australia’s most popular online platforms.

Xpress Super prepare the account opening forms for the CommSec account as part of the establishment or transfer to our services.

If you would like to utilize another broker, please contact us and we will confirm whether a data feed can be received.


Daily SMSF Reporting

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Xpress Super is excited to offer Peer-Peer-Lending under our platform and have partnered with Rate Setter. With more lenders than any other platform, RateSetter is one of Australia’s leading peer-to-peer lenders. They connect investors who want a better return on their money with creditworthy Australian-resident borrowers who want a simple, competitive loan.

Traditionally, investing in consumer and small business credit has been an option only available to a privileged few, including large wholesale investors and the banks.

By connecting investors and creditworthy borrowers directly, RateSetter provides retail and SMSF investors a new option to access this attractive, established asset class. Strong, stable returns – Generate strong, stable cash returns by investing in loans to creditworthy borrowers.

Term Deposits

Clients of Xpress Super are welcome to invest in Term Deposits.

We have partnered with Australian Money Market as our Term Deposit provider. You can see all your term deposits in one place and optimise returns on every rollover. This platform allows you to manage your term deposit investments when it’s convenient for you.

We will prepare the account opening forms as part of the welcome pack provided to you.

From your instruction, funds will move directly between banks via the Australian Money Market portal and will always remain in the SMSF account name.

Cash Hub


SMSF Property | Xpress Super

Property (Commercial or Residential Property in Australia)

(with or without borrowing)

Property is quickly becoming a popular investment for SMSF Trustees and one which is permitted on the Xpress Super service.

If you are looking to borrow to fund the property purchase, we suggest you discuss this with a lender who will indicate whether you are eligible. We can prepare the Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement documentation but any loan documentation will need to be provided by the lender. For further information on borrowing to acquire property, check out our fact sheet.

Precious Metals

There are 2 ways a fund can hold precious metals such as gold and silver under the Xpress Super platform.

  • Exchange Traded Fund (ETF’s);
  • Gold or Silver Bars.

For further information precious metal, check out our fact sheet.

Precious Metal | Xpress Super


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