Xpress Super maintains commercial relationships with our product providers who pay us a referral fee for administrative services we carry out on your behalf. This enables us to subsidise the fee we charge you. No fund manager, bank or service provider has influence over the services we elect to embed in our business model.

SMSF Establishment Fee

Fund Establishment $99
Establish a Company to act as a Corporate Trustee $910
Transfer an Existing SMSF or small APRA fund FREE*

Annual Fixed Fees

New SMSF Annual Fee – First Financial Year 2017/18 FREE*
New SMSF Annual Fee – Second Financial Year $990*
Existing SMSF – Prior or Current year work By quotation
Actuarial Certificates – Account Based Pension Included
Actuarial Certificates – Defined Benefit Pension Included
SMSF Audit Included
*Property Administration $350
*Precious Metal $200
*Term Deposit – outside of the platform $50
*International investments $50
*Unlisted Managed Funds $50

Adhoc Fees if and when required

Annual Company Maintenance $280
Trust Deed Amendment $400
Pension Commencement Included
Pension Consolidation Included
Lump Sum Withdrawal Members under 60 Included
Lump Sum Withdrawal Member over 60 Included
GST Registered Fund Included
Cancellation within 12 months $499
SMSF Fund Windup $1120

Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement

Corporate Bare Trustee Establishment $910
Bare Trust for the Related Party Financial Agreement $1630
Bare Trust for the Commercial Lending Agreement $1225

Compliance Breaches

Audit Management Letter $195
Audit Contravention and Management Letter $295
Any Other Services By quotation

*Fees only apply to SMSFs operating under the Xpress Super business model. Refer to our terms and conditions for more detail. Additional fees will apply where funds hold assets outside of our business model. Cancellation fees may apply.

Our Fee Includes

  • Online access to compliance and investment reports
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Annual Tax Return
  • Independent Audit
  • Actuarial Certificate if required
  • Pension Commencement
  • Pension Consolidation
  • Lump Sum Withdrawals

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Expenses

ATO Levy

The SMSF supervisory levy is payable annually to the ATO on lodgement of each SMSF annual return.

Financial year Existing fund New fund
2017 $259 $518
2018 $259 $518

Note: a new fund will be charged as an existing fund in the financial year after establishment.

Other SMSF Fees and Charges

Please note investment execution, advice and other operational expenses will be incurred by your fund during existence and we recommend you identify these prior to establishing your SMSF. You can access this information by reading the product disclosure statements and terms and conditions of each of your product providers.

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