Xpress or SuperGuardian?

How closely involved do you want to be with your SMSF?

Xpress Super Award Winning SMSF Administration in Australia

Xpress Super’s business model is targeted at the self-directed Investor. A typical Xpress Super client is someone who’s happy to educate themselves about SMSFs and participate with hands on decision making in relation to investments. Xpress Super clients enjoy the best SMSF administration service at a low cost SMSF product simply by using our embedded cash hub and online trading solution and limiting their investments to:

  • Cash
  • ASX listed equities
  • Fixed interest securities
  • Property
  • Precious Metal

SuperGuardian Services

SuperGuardian’s service is targeted at the SMSF Trustee who is time poor or does not want to handle the administration or compliance burden of administering their SMSF.

SuperGuardian client’s usually work with a Financial Adviser who assists them with investment selection and strategy using their own in-house trading platforms on a fee for service basis.

SuperGuardian allows any cash hub and can report on any asset on any platform – and the increased service fee reflects the time and effort required to report on funds with more complex scenarios and less data automation.

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SMSF Fund Establishment

  • Dedicated Client Manager to assist you with the establishment and ongoing day to day running of your SMSF
  • Assistance determining your SMSF fund structure
  • Assistance with preparing rollovers
  • Welcome Pack
  • ABN and TFN application
  • SMSF Trust Deed
  • Investment Strategy Template
  • Nomination of Beneficiary Template
  • Pre-population of bank account opening forms
  • Pre-population of share broking account opening forms
  • Pre-population of term deposit account opening forms

Xpress Super

  • Hard copy by Mail or Soft copy by Email


  • Hard copy by Mail
  • Only for Macquarie accounts

SMSF Fund Administration

  • Acts as the registered mail address for all investment correspondence
  • Facilitates fund administration by notifying share registries of tax file numbers, banking details and communication preferences.
  • Files source documents

Xpress Super

  • Responsibility of Trustee


Investing in your SMSF

  • Cash Account
  • Share Trading Platform
  • Term Deposits
  • Property
  • Unlisted Assets

Xpress Super

  • CBA CMA Only
  • Xpress Super’s service providers
  • Australian Money Market’s online solution only


  • Any cash account
  • Any broker/any platform
  • Any institution

Online Reporting

  • Daily online access to portfolio valuations
  • Daily online access to member contribution amounts
  • Daily online access to pension account summaries
  • Investment strategy compliance report
  • Reconciliation of accounts
  • Access to Trust Deed and other compliance documentation

Xpress Super

  • Adhoc – depending on unidentified transactions such as contributions/pensions
  • Held by Trustee


  • Monthly
  • Held by SuperGuardian with electronic copy available online

Online Reporting

  • An accounting, tax and compliance service provided by SMSF Specialists with in excess of ten years of experience administering SMSFs
  • Access to Group Insurance
  • Trustee Seminar Education

Xpress Super

  • Payable on attendance


  • Included in Fee