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Daily SMSF Online Reporting

Access to a range of investment and compliance reports for your fund to monitor contributions, pension levels and investment performance.

By using one nominated cash account and our embedded trading platforms, Xpress Super is able to provide you SMSF Administration which includes daily online reporting.

Check the updated status of your super investments every day, using our daily reporting tool powered by Class Super software.

Class Super is the SMSF administration software Money Management reports is used by five of the top 10 super fund administrators.

No paper to keep track of.

Simply log-in to check the status of your investments, 24/7.

Cash Hub

The Accelerator Cash Account is the embedded cash product in the Xpress Super business model.

The Accelerator Cash Account provides:

  • Convenient access to your account using NetBank, ATMs, EFTPOS, phone banking or any CBA branch
  • No account keeping fees

Xpress Super Cash Hub

Online Access to Investment Reports

Online Access to Investment Reports

Access to range of online reports at a click of a button.

Performance Report

Gives you a Time Weighted Return of your investment using an easy to use online tool.

Realised and Unrealised Capital Gains

Gives you the detailed account on your investments’ capital gains (or losses).

Asset Allocation and Strategy

Provides you the up to date information of what collections on investment you own versus strategy in placed in regards to your fund.

Investment Snapshots and Valuations

Investment Snapshots provides a bird’s eye view of your investment portfolio with an easy understand graphs of your asset allocation. Investment Valuations will provide you up to date details to clearly give you your fund investments positions.

Compliance Reports within Reach

Easily access information for your SMSF needs while making sure every aspect of your SMSF remains compliant.


Xpress Super provide peace of mind

Absolute Peace of Mind

Managing your SMSF with Xpress Super is a breeze.

All the information regarding your contributions, pensions and investments are available to you at the click of a mouse, 24/7.

You can easily keep track of how much you’re contributing to your fund, and monitor your pension balance on a daily basis.

Our software keeps you up-to-date on how much you can contribute into your SMSF, before reaching your contribution limit. Our pension page notifies you of what you have drawn, and alerts year to date you to the remaining amount you must draw to satisfy your pension requirements.

Most importantly, we’re processing your SMSF daily, not annually. If we notice any issues or a compliance breach – we will contact you immediately to rectify.

Dealing with any issues as they occur – ensures you remain fully compliant at all times, delivering you absolute peace of mind.

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