Rolling over your super to your SMSF

So you have now decided to arrange your rollover and have given thought to your insurance needs. Arranging a rollover can be a very simple process, if you use the following steps;

Full or Partial withdrawal?

If you are arranging a full withdrawal then you can utilise the ATO generic rollover form which can be found on the ATO website or under our fact and forms page. If you wish to make a partial transfer, you will need to contact your current fund and request the appropriate form.

Complete the document in its entirely and ensure you enter the ABN for your SMSF and bank account details. To save time, we also recommend you arrange the transfer to be paid by EFT to your SMSF bank account rather than a cheque.

Provide identification

You will need to provide certified identification not only for yourself but also your SMSF. In this case, a driver’s license or a photocopy of your passport is sufficient. Pages from the SMSF trust deed as well as a document from the ATO advising that your SMSF is a regulated fund and can accept rollovers and contributions should also be sent. As mentioned above, these documents will need to be certified and this can be arranged by either of the following people:

  • A notary public officer
  • A police officer
  • Judge of the court
  • Justice of the peace etc.
  • Charted Accountant

Rollover turnaround time

If you have provided the appropriate paperwork and identification to your superannuation provider, your rollover should be processed within 4 weeks.  We encourage trustees to contact your current provider 2 weeks after submitting the rollover paperwork to make sure they received it.

If you have any questions on the rollover process, please visit our rollover fact sheet or just give us a call!