Frequently Asked Questions

How can you provide an SMSF service so cheap when the average fee is $2700?

By offering a restricted investment platform, we’re able to rely on fully automated data feeds which do most of the processing for us. Due to the efficiency of our processes, our external costs like the annual audit are more competitive than the industry average.

How long will it take for my rollover cheque to arrive?

Provided you complete your rollover forms properly, you should receive your rollover cheque within 30 days.

How long will it take for my trading account to be established?

You should be up and running within 5 – 7 days.

How much money do I need in my fund to open an account with Xpress Super?

It is entirely your choice. We have no minimum amount.

When can I see my online reports?

You will receive an ‘Invitation to subscribe’ when your fund receives the initial rollover or contribution.

When can I expect to receive my financial statements and tax return for my fund?

You’re likely to receive them at any time from August through to May.

If I have an existing fund, can I transfer it to Xpress Super?

Yes you can! Please visit the Facts and Forms page on our website for a fact sheet on ‘Transferring my SMSF to Xpress Super’, or even easier just give us a call.

Is there a Client Manager assigned to me to assist me with my queries?

Xpress Super is a low cost business model for the self-directed investor. If you require more guidance with managing your SMSF, you can level up to XpressBLK where a dedicated Client Manager will be allocated to your fund.

What termination fees will I be charged if I choose to terminate my agreement early?

If you terminate your agreement with us within the first 12 months of appointing us, we will charge a termination fee of $499.

Please note: Submitting our engagement form to have your SMSF established by Xpress Super constitutes engagement of our services. Should you have a change of mind, or decide not to proceed, a fee of $499 will apply as a change of mind constitutes termination of our agreement.

How and when will I pay my Xpress Super Fee?

We invoice our funds annually in advance (to cover our software costs and the cost to process on an interim basis). We will bill and debit the annual fee each year in July via direct debit to your cash hub.

How long has Xpress Super been in business?

The brand name Xpress Super was launched in 2013, however the parent company, SuperGuardian is a National SMSF Specialist with more than 15 years of experience administering self-managed super funds.

Let our integrated system do the talking.  Our cloud-based SMSF accounting software streamlines all aspects of SMSF administration, delivering a truly automated and highly cost effective solution.

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