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Designed for Hands-On Investors

Xpress Super’s business model is targeted at the self-directed investor who’s happy to educate themselves about SMSFs and participate with hands on decision making in relation to investments. The extra effort in managing your own SMSF provide us leverage to lower down administration costs; once passing down that cost to you.

Pre-Selected Platform at your Fingertips

Xpress Super clients enjoy a low cost SMSF solution simply by using our embedded cash hub and online trading solution and limiting their investments to those providers with automatic data feeds.

Fully Integrated System

Xpress Super has fully integrated single bank account, trading platform, cash hub and term deposit service in one efficient, easy-to-use system that you can log into day or night, to check the status of your investments or make new trades.

Truly Paperless SMSF Solution

Xpress Super is a cheap SMSF administration provider and one of Australia’s first truly paperless SMSF solutions saving us thousands of dollars in paper and labor costs while efficiently automating our business processes and simplifying SMSF administration.  This saves you and us time and money which in return reduces the cost to you.

Latest Innovation in the SMSF Industry

Xpress Super makes managing your SMSF simple and easy by applying state-of-the-art innovation in SMSF administration.  These saves you time and money compared to traditional ‘old school’ accounting method and passes those savings onto our clients.

* Fees only apply to SMSFs operating under the Xpress Super business model. Refer to our terms and conditions for more details. Additional fees will apply where funds hold assets outside of our business model.