Annual SMSF Accounting

Xpress Super will handle all your SMSF compliance needs so you can relax and focus on investing.

Making sure your fund remains compliant can be complex. A breach of SIS regulations can result in tough penalties. The Xpress Super service was specifically designed to handle compliance and paperwork associated with your SMSF – giving you peace of mind.

As part of our competitive annual fees, we will arrange the following:

  • Financial Statements
  • Tax Return
  • Independent Audit
  • Actuarial Certificate (if required)
  • Pension Commencement & Consolidation (if required)
  • Lump Sum Withdrawal paperwork (if required)
  • BAS/IAS/PAYG (if required)
  • TBAR Reporting (if required)
  • Centrelink Schedules (if required)


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