Establishing your SMSF is easy and we’ll even waive our fee for the first financial year while you’re establishing and investing your initial proceeds or rollovers.

Thereafter, you pay just $990* to receive accounting, tax, compliance and your annual audit.

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Daily Online Reporting

By using one embedded cash account and partnering with platforms that provide automated processing, Xpress Super provides daily online reporting.

Our online reports provide you access to a full suite of SMSF specific information unique to our offering, powered by Class Super software.

Class Super is considered the best SMSF administration software reportedly used by 5 out of the top 10 super fund specialists.

No need to track your paperwork manually, simply log in and check the status of your investments 24/7.

Easy Compliance Management

Managing your SMSF administration and compliance is a simple process.

All the information regarding your contributions, pensions and investments are available to you at the click of a mouse.

You can easily keep track of how much you’re contributing to your fund, and monitor your pension balance on a daily basis.


Xpress Super is one of Australia’s first truly paperless SMSF administration solutions.

It saves you time and money – compared to normal SMSF administration services, which are still paper-based and require auditing of every single document.

Xpress Super has combined a trading platform, cash hub and term deposit service in one efficient, easy-to-use system that you can log into day or night, to check the status of your investments or make new trades.

Invest in Term Deposits

Australian Money Market will advise you when your term deposit is about to mature and reinvest your money in any account you wish – including a term deposit with another lender.

It’s a fast, easy and paperless way to access term deposits. And all term deposits of $200,000 or less in value are backed by the Australian government guarantee.

Select high-interest term deposits from up to 20 Australian lenders, including banks, building societies and credit unions.

Through Australian Money Market, you can make automated applications online and easily switch between institutions.

Just log on to your personal SMSF page to browse the available lenders and interest rates.

Then simply use your mouse to select the institution you wish to open a term deposit with, insert the amount and approve the transaction.

Invest in Property

As an investment, property may offer more reliable income than a term deposit and greater long-term capital growth than shares during different economic cycles.

This could be why Australians have already invested more than $73 billion in direct property investments through superannuation.

With Xpress Super, you can choose to invest your super directly in commercial, industrial or residential property.

Competitive rates and loans are available to you through reputable Australian lenders.

And the compliance fees are roughly 1/3 the cost of our major competitors.

Liberty to Choose Your Own Shares

Xpress Super has partnered with several online trading brokers who provide the investment platform to execute your trades. Alternatively, if you have an existing broker we can integrate if data feeds are available.

* Fees only apply to SMSFs operating under the Xpress Super business model. Refer to our terms and conditions for more details. Additional fees will apply where funds hold assets outside of our business model.